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SIDPEC expandindo seu complexo Petroquimico em Alexandria, Egito

31 de março de 2021 0 Comments business

Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding Co. (ECHEM) subsidiary Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals Co. (Sidpec) has implemented process automation improvements from Honeywell International Co.’s Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) to upgrade production capabilities as part of the previously announced expansion of Sidpec’s petrochemical complex in the El-Amerya—El-Nahda Territory of Alexandria.

As part of the 10-day automation upgrade, HPS migrated Sidpec’s existing Honeywell TotalPlant Solution (TPS) production system with the latest version of the service provider’s Experion Process Knowledge system, HPS said on Feb. 9.

The automation improvements are specifically intended to support collective production at the site following startup of Sidpec’s proposed expansion, which will add 450,000 tonnes/year of polypropylene production from propane feedstock.

Based on the latest information available from ECHEM and Sidpec, the new polypropylene plant is scheduled for commissioning in first-quarter 2022.

Sidpec’s Alexandria complex currently produces 300,000 tpy of ethylene, 225,000 tpy of polyethylene, 50,000 tpy of LPG, and 10,000 tpy of butene-1. Sidpec also plans to expand ethylene and polyethylene production capacities at the site to 470,000 tpy and 350,000 tpy, respectively

source: Oil & Gas Journal


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